Tag: Fuck DC Comics

511. Bat-Man

I figured since I’ve been drawing a fair amount of Superman villains lately, I should definitely include his biggest arch-nemesis, Bat-Man. Apparently, the Bat-Fella is also celebrating a 75th anniversary. Even if you’re a comic fan, I’d excuse you not noticing. DC Comics and Warner Brothers have kept the celebration pretty low-key. What do you …

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465. Manhunter

Celebrating Mother’s Day by drawing my favorite superhero mom, Kate Spencer, a.k.a. Manhunter. Who doesn’t exist anymore. Because New 52.

421. The Creeper

So. Five days on, the death of Dave Brockie is still affecting me. My friend Jason and I were discussing it, and we can succinctly sum it as a super-bummer. But even that seems too light. Because it is truly bothering me. Celebrity deaths don’t mean anything to me. Even when someone like Phillip Seymour …

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402. New 52 Superman

So, yesterday’s Swamp Thing took me about three days to complete, start to finish. There was a lot of lines, detail, hemming and hawing. I struggled with it, but I never ever got bored. This drawing of Superman in his New 52 costume took me about 20 minutes and may be one of the most …

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373. Cyborg

My list for this month is a little Marvel-heavy, so I’m trying to break it up with other characters when I can. Cyborg was a character I first “found” from the Super Powers cartoon back in my childhood. I always liked him, Firestorm too. Eventually I discovered Wolfman & Perez’s TEEN TITANS and continued to …

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355. Kid Flash

Lotsa talk about Wally West making his New 52 debut in a few months. The cover of his reappearance features a blue-clad Flash-like guy, but it might not be Wally. Mayhaps Wally is being set up to be the new Kid Flash again? I dunno. I do know that it will most likely be fucking …

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