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The Creeper (45)

Well shit. Age 44 – the year that actually tried to kill me. Jesus Christ. In September ’22 I wound up in the hospital for 2 weeks due to an infection in my leg which was killing me, as well as essentially melting the bones in my foot. I was out of work for a …

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1405. The Creeper

I worked too hard on this one.

435. The Creeper

421. The Creeper

So. Five days on, the death of Dave Brockie is still affecting me. My friend Jason and I were discussing it, and we can succinctly sum it as a super-bummer. But even that seems too light. Because it is truly bothering me. Celebrity deaths don’t mean anything to me. Even when someone like Phillip Seymour …

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I’m a Creep

My first exposure to The Creeper was the “Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told” trade paperback. I was fascinated by the bizarre character. Ditko’s some kind of genius. Crazy, but genius. I even was a big fan of The Creeper series from the late 90s. Not so much the Steve Niles series. Best forgotten.