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Happy Birthday, Jack.


I have a fascination/fondness/soft-spot for the dumbest/worst versions of characters sometimes. It’s not nostalgia. I wasn’t reading X-Men or solo Wolverine comics at the time this turdly version of the character was running around. Ironic appreciation, maybe? I truly don’t know. If you’re not familiar, after some sort of event thing, Magneto sucked the adamantium …

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Working in advance for the brief Sketch-a-Day return and wanted to draw something simple, quick and familiar. 2 hours later…

Patreon Reward: Firestorm


For 11 years, I have posted something on my birthday. Mostly art, usually an accompanying text piece about how sad I am. This will be one of those. Maybe it’s a birthday thing, I dunno. But, the suicidal thoughts came back pretty hard last week. A lot has changed in the last year, but so …

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Patreon Reward: Spider-Man

Patreon Reward: RoboCop

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I finished PUNISHER season 2. It was not bad, just disappointing. Jigsaw being the most disappointing aspect of it. Pretty boy Billy Russo was still kinda pretty. In fact, the scars gave him a rugged, handsome quality. Hell, when Frank was beat up, he looked worse than Jigsaw. So I drew a more comic accurate …

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