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82. Firestorm

I accidentally drew Andy Daly as Prof. Stein. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store My Patreon Page Commission Info

1429. Killer Frost

Classic Firestorm villain Killer Frost, not weird Flash ally Ms. Frosty Hyde. ***I’m still here. ***My Art Store My Patreon Page Commission Info

1062. Firehawk

*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

381. Firestorm

In the DCTVU, the actors that play Green Arrow and (sometimes) Firestorm are brothers. They share more than a passing similarity. I want it revealed that Oliver Queen’s dad slept around and that Ronnie Raymond is an illegitimate Queen heir. At the very least, I want someone from the Flash show to mention how much …

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233 – Firestorm Portrait

Starting September 20th and running until October 31st, 3/4ths of Ok, PANIC! will have their art on display and for sale at Christopher’s Restaurant in Kettering, Ohio. Jason Young, Jeff Potter and I have each done five portraits of various superheroes. I will be posting mine here on the blog, but please, if you live …

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213 – Firestorm

I totally didn’t mean to have to posts in a row with guys with their heads on fire. Firestorm was the first non A-List character I ever really glommed onto. I loved him on Superpowers, and it was one of the first comic character action figure I ever had that wasn’t Superman, Batman, Spider-Man or …

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Firestorm of the New Gods

Firestorm, a childhood favorite of mine (that I still have an affinity for), reimagined as a New God – Kirbyized. Done in Illustrator a few years back.