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I found the original lineart to this Jose Luis Garcia Lopez Justice League online and just decided to absolutely ruin it. Above is the original darker colors I made, below is the lighter, brighter version I’m happier with, and followed by of course, the maestro’s versions. Check out the digital process video on my YouTube …

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1461. Red Tornado

1093. Red Tornado

I initially had to ask what Matt meant when he requested this one. I was just about to draw a terrible rolled snack you get at convenient stores. But he clarified. I seriously love Red Tornado. He is criminally underused or poorly used. Brassfield Week, Day 5: a robot superhero I love!

317. Red Tornado

Much like the actual music, I got tired of black metal pretty quickly.

252. Red Tornado

This is the Golden Age Ma Hunkel version of Red Tornado. I tried to keep her look true to her origins without being blatantly ridiculous. She was a mother who was inspired by her son’s superhero comic books to dress up and fight the crime that was overrunnning her neighborhood. So she was the first …

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330 – Golden Age Red Tornado

Another request from the Potter family, this one definitely from Sarah. If DC Comics wants to appeal to a larger audience with a strong female character, they can look no further than Ma Hunkel.

251 – Red Tornado

I can’t point to any reason or example of why I like Red Tornado, but I do. It’s weird. I don’t think I even own a single comic with him in it. The closest thing I can think of is the episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold where he builds a son who turns …

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