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591. Dr. Weird

Gentlemen! BEHOLD! Speaking of weird, I just finished watching a movie called Detention. Um… yeah. It’s not good, but it’s also incredibly watchable, and happens to be indescribable. Seriously, I don’t fully know how to explain it, but, y’know, there are worse ways to spend 98 minutes. I wrapped up Warren Ellis and Declan Shavley’s …

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380. Spider-Man

The Ultimate/Miles Morales variety. Still a fine book, if not completely dragged down by Marvel not having any clue what to do with the Ultimate line of comics. Hopefully the upcoming relaunch helps stabilize some stuff. Last night, in my crushing loneliness, I was looking for a completely insane and gory horror movie in the …

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191. Spider-Man

Miles Morales version. This costume is not easy or fun to draw. While trying to make it easier to draw, I actually overcomplicated it. Here’s the original:

232 – Morning Doodle 3

There’s nothing to say about this. I did, however, pick up a stack of comics, and felt like giving some encapsulated reviews of the ones I’ve read, most of which are from the The New DC 52. First things first, Justice League. Joe Grunenwald and I reviewed the first issue as a special bonus episode …

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