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Moon Knight

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1466. Moon Knight

I’ve always been fond of Moon Knight. I am definitely not fond of the dissociative disorder that writers have been forcing on the character. It really does not make him more interesting. Oh well. This was requested by Chris Jones, whom I’ve known for a while. He is fond of saying that my work “rules …

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290. Moon Knight

By request of Chris Jones.

084. Marvel Knights

614. Moon Knight

Suggested by Chris Jones, Bugs Bunny as Moon Knight.

591. Dr. Weird

Gentlemen! BEHOLD! Speaking of weird, I just finished watching a movie called Detention. Um… yeah. It’s not good, but it’s also incredibly watchable, and happens to be indescribable. Seriously, I don’t fully know how to explain it, but, y’know, there are worse ways to spend 98 minutes. I wrapped up Warren Ellis and Declan Shavley’s …

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348 – Moon Knight

Kurt didn’t have to request Moon Knight. I was gonna draw him before the year was up at some point, this just finally gave me a good excuse to do it. I’m a big Moon Knight fan, though I haven’t really warmed to his current series. I really liked the previous volume that was seemingly …

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Moon Knight

Inspired by the new Moon Knight series, Vengeance of Moon Knight, by Gregg Hurwitz and Jerome Opeña (who is fucking amazing, by the way). First of all, I’ve always liked Moon Knight in a way. So a few years ago when the series was being relaunched, I was excited. I checked out Charlie Huston’s novels …

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