Moon Knight

Inspired by the new Moon Knight series, Vengeance of Moon Knight, by Gregg Hurwitz and Jerome Opena (who is fucking amazing, by the way).

First of all, I’ve always liked Moon Knight in a way. So a few years ago when the series was being relaunched, I was excited. I checked out Charlie Huston’s novels to get a feel for his writing, and I set myself to tolerate David Finch’s art. The novels I read by Huston were excellent, especially the Joe Pitt vampire/noir series, so my excitement escalated. However, the Moon Knight comic sucked. One of the most boring, awful comics I’ve ever read. Dropped after 4 or so issues, burned so bad that I never even checked it out after Huston and Finch left.

I’m not really sure why I picked up the first issue of the new one. But I’m glad I did, holy fuck was it good. Maybe it was the low expectations, but I was blown away for certain.
As for the drawing, the intent for it was something completely different for a) my usual style and b) how it actually turned out. I was going to go for a sorta very simple, indie-comics sorta style, but not in a mocking way. I failed completely, and wound up with a bastardized Frank Quitely (but if Quitely were brain dead and had broken hands) style.

I’m still here.
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