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314. Killglorious of the Dark Realms

I found the #tuesdayblackmetalnames tag on Twitter, so from now on, my black metal dudes will have those names. This one was named by Kurt Dinse, the first Tuesday Black Metal Name.

168a. Conrad

Today’s bonus is not a Batman villain (although it’d be awesome if it were!). I’m headed out to SPACE today with my pals Joe G. and Juliet. It’s a yearly Small Press and Comic Expo in Columbus, OH. I’ve been frequently, usually setting up a table with my pal Jason Young (who will be there …

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595 .The Finger

Inspired by Kurt Dinse’s apparent inspiration by this character, once again I give you The Finger.

471. Gambit

If everything went to plan, I am currently in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Appleseed Comic Con. I should be hanging out with my pals Jason Young, Brian John Mitchell and Kurt Dinse. About a month ago, Kurt sent me a package with two sketch variant covers. It was an unexpected surprise. They’re pretty awesome, …

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HorrorHound Weekend

On March 22nd – 24th 2013, I will be at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio! I will be there alongside Michael Madsen, the cast of The Walking Dead, John Carpenter, and Oderus Urungus! But mostly, I’ll be there sharing a table with my pal Kurt Dinse! We will both have art for sale and will …

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Greasy Metalhead

Kurt Dinse, writer/artist of One Year in Indiana commissioned me to draw a greasy metalhead. Not only was I more than happy to oblige, I was honored. Having Kurt ask you to draw a greasy metalhead is just about on par with Frank Frazetta commissioning a painting from someone else of a violent, gnarly, viking …

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348 – Moon Knight

Kurt didn’t have to request Moon Knight. I was gonna draw him before the year was up at some point, this just finally gave me a good excuse to do it. I’m a big Moon Knight fan, though I haven’t really warmed to his current series. I really liked the previous volume that was seemingly …

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347 – Orion

When Kurt asked for Orion of the New Gods, I almost wanted to point out that I’ve already got an Orion drawing on the blog. But, since I didn’t actually draw that one (it’s a Kirby sketch that I “inked” and colored), I decided not to. Plus, I could get to draw the Astro Harness. …

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345 – The Mandarin

Kurt Dinse is opening my mind up to an amazing wonderland of ridiculously dressed villains! I’ve known for a long time that most of the classic silver age Marvel villains were all decked out in green and purple, but I had never seen The Mandarin in this get-up before. I’ve only seen him as a …

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344 – The Beetle

I’ve always kinda dug Beetle, the Spider-Man/Iron Man villain. I remember him from one of the old cartoons and thought he had a cool distinct look. He’s incredibly underused. I honestly can’t think of any comic I’ve seen him in other than The Ultimate books. So, when Kurt asked for this particular version, I was …

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