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1259. Black Metal Cat

This was inspired by a) one of my favorite Twitter accounts, Black Metal Cats and b) an actual cat I met at the shelter. It had the face of murder, but was also super sweet and just wanted to be pet and paid some attention. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info


*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

316. Atrocia the Eternal

Named by Kathleen Coyle

315. Barbarius Carpathian the Unliving

314. Killglorious of the Dark Realms

I found the #tuesdayblackmetalnames tag on Twitter, so from now on, my black metal dudes will have those names. This one was named by Kurt Dinse, the first Tuesday Black Metal Name.

313. Torvar the Undeadifier

For a while, Kurt Dinse, Kathleen Coyle and I were coming up with fake black metal names om Tuesdays. I should look them up, cuz this may be a recurring theme…

312. Boragarthagon the Bloviated

I spent an odd amount of time last night talking about Black Metal with a couple of girls who were old enough to be either my daughters or really really young sisters. It made me want to revel in some Black Metal ridiculousness for a bit.

516. Immortal Care Bear

When I declared that this would be Kathleen Coyle Week and asked her for a wishlist, she said “A Care Bear of your own design” and then suggested a Liefeld Care Bear. I leaned toward that for a while, but I couldn’t mentally mash the two things together. What would I have used for a …

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