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1033. Dazzlpearl

My friend Kathleen’s favorite character is Dazzler. Her favorite dog – I assume – is Pearl, which happens to be her dog. Kat wanted me to draw Pearl as a superhero, so this happened because I don’t put much thought into things. Also, both Pearl & Dazzler are blonde. I know Pearl, personally, though it’s …

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316. Atrocia the Eternal

Named by Kathleen Coyle

520. Drexl Spivey

We wrap up a truly fun Kathleen Coyle Week with Drexl Spivey from the movie True Romance. Drexl is played by Kathleen’s future husband, Gary Oldman. It has been absolute ages since I’ve seen that movie and I honestly don’t remember his role very well. I remember stoner Brad Pitt, Chris Walken and Dennis Hopper, …

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519. Jubilee

Happy America’s Birthday! Let’s try to ignore all the terrible, terrible things we’ve done as a nation – past, present and future! If you don’t like it, GTFO! In addition to celebrating our bloody national horror with copious amounts of delicious seared dead animal bits and disgusting “salads” that mostly involve mayonnaise, it also continues …

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518. Wicked Witch of the West

I based this loosely off of the Mila Kunis version of the character from Oz: The Great and Powerful (spoiler, B.T.dubs), because, y’know, boobs and a hot chick. I’m sure Kathleen can appreciate that, right?

517. Booger

This is a terrible drawing and a terrible likeness, but hey, even during Kathleen Coyle Week, they can’t all be gold. While I’ve never actually seen Revenge of the Nerds, I was aware of Booger, and of course I’ve seen Curtis Armstrong in other things. The thing is, despite his role as Booger and his …

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516. Immortal Care Bear

When I declared that this would be Kathleen Coyle Week and asked her for a wishlist, she said “A Care Bear of your own design” and then suggested a Liefeld Care Bear. I leaned toward that for a while, but I couldn’t mentally mash the two things together. What would I have used for a …

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515. Derek Hale

Kathleen Coyle Week rolls on with this sketch of Derek Hale from the television progrimm Teen Wolf. The second episode of season four airs tonight. I used to have conflicting emotions about this show, but now, fuck all that. I love it, it’s great. It’s godawful, but it’s great. Anyhoo, Derek is the prettiest pretty …

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514. The Count

I haven’t done this in a while – a week of requests dictated by one of my friends. So, here we begin Kathleen Coyle Week! First up on Kat’s wishlist: Count Von Count!


My friend Kathleen Coyle stepped up with the first sale of the 10 dollar commissions. She wanted Loki, as she has seemingly become obsessed with him from the Thor movie and upcoming Avengers. She told me it was okay if I drew the comic version, but I knew that she really wanted the Tom Hiddleston …

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