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515. Derek Hale

Kathleen Coyle Week rolls on with this sketch of Derek Hale from the television progrimm Teen Wolf. The second episode of season four airs tonight. I used to have conflicting emotions about this show, but now, fuck all that. I love it, it’s great. It’s godawful, but it’s great. Anyhoo, Derek is the prettiest pretty …

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192. Teen Wolf (35)

It’s my birthday. I usually post something long-winded on my birthday. Today is no exception. I was planning on seeing Elysium today, but I was tuckered out so I slept in instead. I don’t have any plans other than going to my folks’ house for dinner where my mom will probably cook the same thing …

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Teen Wolf

In a moment of panic, I realized I had nothing to update the blog with. I posted this on facebook, and jokingly blamed Jeph Loeb for my lack of work. My friend Joe responded, joking that I should write an article about Teen Wolf. I call Joe my friend, because he’s a nice guy and …

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