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Patreon Reward: MacGruber

How much do I like and support my Patrons? When one asks me to a) draw a likeness of b) a character from a movie I fucking loathe, I grin and bear it and doodle something I hope is acceptable. MacGruber. Oy.

Dracula Week Day 5: Al


Favorite Weird Al song: Bob. I’ve loved Weird Al since I was but a child, but listening to the song “Bob” is where I fully realized what an absolute genius he is. For Sale: $25 + $5 shipping. Email me or find me on the internet.

989. The Monster

278. The Young Ones

Other than the fact that I love this show, I drew The Young Ones for a reason. It’s an awesome reason that I can’t tell you about yet. I can tell you, however, that Mike was a pain in the ass to draw and ruined three tries at this piece.

220. Grandpa Munster

It’s my pal Matt Brassfield’s birthday. He asked me to draw this while at HorrorHound.

The 40 Year Old Boy: Almost

The 40 Year Old Boy iTunes feed I love Mike Schmidt. Mike Schmidt is a brilliant comedian and fantastic storyteller. Mike was one of the founding cast members of the award-winning podcast “Never Not Funny” and currently hosts his solo show “The 40 Year Old Boy”. He has a natural genius comedic timing and the …

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Ok, PANIC!: The Munsters

The closest I’ll ever get to nailing likenesses.

Teen Wolf

In a moment of panic, I realized I had nothing to update the blog with. I posted this on facebook, and jokingly blamed Jeph Loeb for my lack of work. My friend Joe responded, joking that I should write an article about Teen Wolf. I call Joe my friend, because he’s a nice guy and …

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Back in May, on Free Comic Book Day, my pal Jason (co-host of my super-excellent podcast Gutter Trash) invited me and another friend of his to help teach a cartooning class at a local library. It was fun, but I don’t think we imparted any wisdom on any of the kids there, who ranged in …

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