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Dracula Week Day 7: Dell Comics

The superhero scientist descendant of Dracula (Aloysius Ulysses Card), determined to rehabilitate his family’s name, along with his lovely sidekick B.B. Beebe – also known as Fleeta. I love comics.

Dracula Week Day 6: Klaus

Werner Herzog’s favorite person.

Dracula Week Day 5: Al

Dracula Week Day 4: William

Ok, not Dracula, but William Marshall’s Blacula couldn’t be passed up.

Dracula Week Day 3: Christopher

Dracula Week Day 2: Gary

Dracula Week Day 1: Bela

It’s Dracula Week. Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel was first published on May 26, 1897. I first read the novel when I was in 3rd grade, roughly 1986. To say I understood it entirely would be a drastic overstatement. I was 8. But I had been obsessed with horror and monsters since as long as I …

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220. Grandpa Munster

It’s my pal Matt Brassfield’s birthday. He asked me to draw this while at HorrorHound.

Ok, PANIC!: The Munsters

The closest I’ll ever get to nailing likenesses.