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Spookytober: Nosferatu

Count Orlok, best design for a vampire in film? Sure. Weird how many people do not react to him being a fucking rat monster, though. This 4 x 6 card is available for sale at my shop.

Dracula Week Day 6: Klaus

Werner Herzog’s favorite person.

984. Count Orlok

636. Spock

Count Orlok as Spock.


10/10 A little late, was having dinner with my parents. Anyhoo. Unless their name is Dracula, and they’re played by Gary Oldman or Bela Lugosi, attractive charming vampires can blow it out their ass. I love vampires as freakish, dirty, messy, sloppy motherfuckers who are, y’know, actually frightening. As much as I hate Steve Niles’ …

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