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Patreon Reward: Killer Klown from Outer Space

Apparently, this one’s named Jumbo. Who knew? Ink & crayon.

Patreon Reward: Stripe

I am immensely proud of this drawing. I daresay, it’s even good.

Patreon Reward: Gizmo

Caught up! I love Gizmo, no matter how much Stripe calls him “ca-ca”. I was worried about capturing Gizmo’s cuteness. I think I nailed it.

Patreon Catch ’em – Darkman

I love Sam Raimi’s Darkman so hard. I really wanted to try something different with this sketch. I’m not sure I was entirely successful with what my intent was. I hope the Patron enjoys it nonetheless.

Patreon Reward: Zombie Doctor Strange

I’m just really glad Sam Raimi made another movie.

Patreon Reward: Baby Mask

When I first saw the trailer for Happy Death Day, I thought it looked like the dumbest fucking thing ever conceived. A PG-13 horror version of Groundhog Day? Whoopdey-shit. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel. When the sequel came out, I thought “really?!” So, for some reason, fall/early winter of 2019, I decided …

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Patreon Reward: MacGruber

How much do I like and support my Patrons? When one asks me to a) draw a likeness of b) a character from a movie I fucking loathe, I grin and bear it and doodle something I hope is acceptable. MacGruber. Oy.

Dracula Week Day 7: Dell Comics

The superhero scientist descendant of Dracula (Aloysius Ulysses Card), determined to rehabilitate his family’s name, along with his lovely sidekick B.B. Beebe – also known as Fleeta. I love comics.

Dracula Week Day 6: Klaus

Werner Herzog’s favorite person.

Dracula Week Day 5: Al