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Patreon Reward: Killer Klown from Outer Space

Apparently, this one’s named Jumbo. Who knew? Ink & crayon.

Patreon Reward: Jack Deth

i used to watch TRANCERS all the time as a kid, and would often “play” Trancers on the playground as Jack Deth. With usually one of the girls in my class as the Helen Hunt character, and we’d fight other kids who’d be Trancers or Whistler. Of course, not fully realizing I was probably the …

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27. The Grey Lady

Ugh. This one sucks.

26. Hoggle

25. Chamberlain

I have never seen Dark Crystal.

24. Lo-Pan

23. E.T. the Extraterrestrial

22. Miracle Max

21. Rockbiter

It’s Carrie Schurman week. She picked all 80s fantasy/sci-fi movie characters, and all of them are ugly, so right up my alley.

Ok, PANIC!: Corey Feldman

I stand by this.