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Patreon Reward: Jack Deth

i used to watch TRANCERS all the time as a kid, and would often “play” Trancers on the playground as Jack Deth. With usually one of the girls in my class as the Helen Hunt character, and we’d fight other kids who’d be Trancers or Whistler. Of course, not fully realizing I was probably the …

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Patreon Reward: M3GAN

I cackled – CACKLED – throughout the entirety of M3GAN. I want a M3GAN for my cat. BTW, as of this sketch, I am “draws with a magnifying glass” years old.

Patreon Reward: Rocky

Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite Patron. Sorry, other Patrons. This is a character from a novel called Project: Hail Mary. The patron sent me the following description of Rocky the Alien and left it up to me figure it out. It was fun. I initially drew it with a head that had no face …

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Finite #4

I recently drew the back cover for Finite #4, the newest issue of the sci-fi comic by my friend Bruce O. Hughes. The issue will debut this upcoming weekend at the first Mid-Pandemic Gem City Comic Con. I might be there Sunday. Come infect us! Besides the back cover, I also edited and re-lettered some …

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Dracula Week Day 7: Dell Comics

The superhero scientist descendant of Dracula (Aloysius Ulysses Card), determined to rehabilitate his family’s name, along with his lovely sidekick B.B. Beebe – also known as Fleeta. I love comics.

Patreon Reward: Rocket Girl

Patreon Reward featuring Amy Reeder’s Image Comics heroine Rocket Girl.

27. The Grey Lady

Ugh. This one sucks.

24. Lo-Pan

23. E.T. the Extraterrestrial

1449. Ka D'argo

When I asked Bruce Hughes if he wanted a theme week, if I could have predicted just one choice, it would have been a Farscape character. Not sure which one, but I knew he’d pick one. D’argo is a favorite, and while I feared it, I was looking for to drawing it.