Patreon Reward: Baby Mask

When I first saw the trailer for Happy Death Day, I thought it looked like the dumbest fucking thing ever conceived. A PG-13 horror version of Groundhog Day? Whoopdey-shit. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel. When the sequel came out, I thought “really?!”

So, for some reason, fall/early winter of 2019, I decided to give HDD a try. And good lord did I love it. It was funny, it was clever, and – shockingly – it was heartwarming and emotional.

Then I got REALLY pissed when I saw the writing credit for Scott Lobdell. Fuck. Scott Lobdell is one of the absolute worst comic writers in comic book history, and also a fucking creep general piece of shit human. I felt betrayed. I did feel a little better when I learned the script had been fairly overhauled by director Christopher Landon, who also wrote the sequel.

So, like two days later, I rented HDD 2U, and also loved that. It’s definitely not better than HDD, but it is equally as good in a totally different way, while still retaining the charm of the first. If anything, it edges out the original for asking “why is a college mascot a creepy baby?”.

A third is in the works. I also enjoyed Landon’s Freaky quite a bit. Scott Lobdell can still go fuck himself.

Anyhoo, the Patron asked for the Baby Mask Killer and I spent the entire time drawing this while watching both movies and they’re still great. I loved drawing this.

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