Tag: cosplay month

638. Marshal Law

Suggested by Jason Young, Reggie Watts as Marshal Law. I love Reggie from his work on Comedy Bang Bang, and I love Marshal Law from old comics. And I love Jason from my life, which is why I saved his request for last. Gotta say, as much as I love Marshal Law, I hate drawing …

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637. Dazzler

Suggested by Joe Grunenwald, but dedicated to Kathleen Coyle. Richard Milhous Nixon as Dazzler! Breathe it in. Click to embiggen, if you like.

636. Spock

Count Orlok as Spock.

635. Dr. Strange

Topical! In a perfect world, a Dr. Strange movie would have been made in the 60s and he would have been played by Vincent Price. That said, Benvereen Couponbook is a fine actor, and while not my personal choice to play the Doc, I’m sure it’ll be fine (In case you’re interested, Clive Owen woulda …

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634. Klaus Nomi

Two of Germany’s greats, Nightcrawler as Klaus Nomi. Not suggested, but drawn for Bambi Branchfield who loves both of these characters (yes I know one of them was real).