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75. Blue Beetle

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1371. Blue Beetle #1

Click to embiggen. Today would be Steve Ditko’s 91st birthday. I initially drew this for a coalition of 91 artists drawing Ditko sketches today. I’m not sure if there is going to be any follow-through on anyone else’s part. This is an homage/recreation of Charlton Comics’ BLUE BEETLE #1 (see below). I will have this …

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1140. Green Beetle

So it might seem like I’m bitching a lot about JB Sapienza Week, but it has been fun and I’ve definitely drawn some stuff I’d never usually think about. I just wish I had more time to do them justice and do all 38 choices he gave me. But sometimes JB Sapienza Week knows just …

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961. Blue Beetle

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874. Blue Beetle

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321. BB 8

It’s just a guess, and a conservative one at that, that I’ve drawn 8 Blue Beetles during the course of the sketchadays.

077 – Blue Beetle

076 – Blue Beetle

633. The Blues Brothers

Suggested by Justin Wasson. Blue Beetle as Jake Blues and Booster Gold as Elwood Blues. More like the Blues & Golds Brothers, amirite?

500. Blue Beetle

It’s Day 500! Seems like a milestone to me. So, I drew my favorite superhero, Ted Kord aka The Blue Beetle. But you knew that already. What you might not know is that today’s piece is an actual painting – hand painted – with acrylics on colourfix paper. And this is also the first thing …

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