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1371. Blue Beetle #1

Click to embiggen. Today would be Steve Ditko’s 91st birthday. I initially drew this for a coalition of 91 artists drawing Ditko sketches today. I’m not sure if there is going to be any follow-through on anyone else’s part. This is an homage/recreation of Charlton Comics’ BLUE BEETLE #1 (see below). It is also featured …

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Rejected By Covered: Daredevil #23

I’ve been Rejected again. Check out my new cover recreation here, of Daredevil (vol. 1) #23.

Multiversity Cover

DC Comics’ Grant Morrison’s MULTIVERSITY # 1 original art sketch cover Superman Earth 23 Dino-Cop Erik Larsen homage Savage Dragon. How was that, Joe?

024 – Captain Carrot

Today, after a very long time, I have been Rejected by Covered. Covered was a comic cover recreation art blog that I visited almost every week and had contributed to, I think 4 times. During it’s run, the site’s curator would turn down some submissions. So my friend JB Sapienza and his friend Josh Blair …

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Covered: Daredevil #7

The last time I was ever Covered. Ironically, I submitted this on purpose to be rejected, so I could have it be posted on my friend’s blog Rejected by Covered.

Covered: X-Force #1

I did another Covered recreation. My thinking for this was “Anti-Rob Liefeld”.

Dazzler Cover Recreation

The reasoning behind this is three-fold. 1) This fulfills a request that was made when I was actively seeking out topics to draw. 2) The request was made by a friend who is pretty big Dazzler fan. I have no idea if she really genuinely loves Dazzler or if it’s an ironic thing. Either way, …

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Covered: Fantastic Four #73

I’ve been Covered. Again. Check it out, as well as all the other awesome covers too. But mostly mine.