Dazzler Cover Recreation

The reasoning behind this is three-fold.

1) This fulfills a request that was made when I was actively seeking out topics to draw.
2) The request was made by a friend who is pretty big Dazzler fan. I have no idea if she really genuinely loves Dazzler or if it’s an ironic thing. Either way, her birthday is this weekend, so this my present for her. Happy birthday, Kathleen!
3) I love doing cover recreations. If they weren’t so time consuming I would do one a week if I could.

The original Dazzler # 1 cover was painted by Bob Larkin. I am by no means a painter, so this is done in the usual crap way I draw everything else. So I opted for really colorful lens flares in Photoshop to compensate. I know lens flares are a big no-no amongst graphic designers, but fuck all y’all. Everything used properly and moderately works well. And with Dazzler, well, you kinda fuckin’ need ’em.

Anyway, I also loved this cover because it has Nightcrawler, one of my favorite X-Men characters, Spider-Man and Iron Man, two characters I tend to doodle a lot.

I hate the original Dazzler logo, so when researching this project, I looked online to see if there were any variations on it. I knew the logo from the most recent Dazzler one-shot, but it wasn’t thrilling, then I discovered the above logo from Dazzler # 27. One of the run of awesome Dazzler covers done by Bill Sienkiewicz (Got it right in one! I’m a nerd!), which I had no idea that he ever did. But I love that logo. It’s simple and clean and fits the character.

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    • Kathleen on August 2, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    It’s not ironic. But it’s also not that I think these are mindblowingly awesome books, either. It’s the first comic I remember reading, so it’s a nostalgic and fluffy love. I’ve just stuck with her all these years.
    And thanks again!!!
    Noob question – why are lens flares a no-no?

  1. It’s an overused filter by folks who think Photoshop is neato. Any filter really. But like everything, any Photoshop trick used properly can be good.

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