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39. Namor

1021. Prince Namor

I wish they’d put him on the tube. Hold on, I think I have to puke. There’s a spot in the corner where I always go. I like to feed the flies that I know.

080 – Namor

608. Namor

Imperious Rex! You’re about to get The Hypo! So, I was thinking out loud about doing a theme month for October, and JB Sapienza suggested this to me, which, for lack of a better term, I will call “Cosplay Month”. I will draw fictional characters, historical figures, and possibly celebrities (of course, only those I’d …

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Tiger Shark

I am humbled again to have a piece for The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Reduxe Edition. Go look at all their art, and you might accidentally find this piece.

58. Nay, More

I caught up on The Walking Dead last night, since I’d already had the shit spoiled out of it. Goddammit. What don’t people understand about “I haven’t watched it yet!” or “I’m waiting for it on DVD!”? Also watched Bates Motel. I had watched the first episode during HorrorHound last weekend in my hotel. I …

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Covered: Daredevil #7

The last time I was ever Covered. Ironically, I submitted this on purpose to be rejected, so I could have it be posted on my friend’s blog Rejected by Covered.

010 – Prince Namor on the tube

Tried to do something loose with pen and marker, added the color in Photoshop. As a bonus, I’ve added another Namor drawing I did a few years back. I drew this one drawing night to make my friend laugh, and it led to a short-lived series of sketches of “Superheroes if they looked more like …

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