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I doodled this on the back of a receipt at the Sprint store while waiting to get a new phone and my contacts were being transferred.

133. Thwippidy Dippidy

Seriously guys, I am better at Spider-Man than anyone. And I am also disappointed in all of your for your lack of support of “Pork Fist”, with the exception of Jason Young who greeted my phone call to him with a rousing “Pork Fist!”. He’s good people, no matter what I’ve said in the past …

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Crotch touch. I watched V/H/S again last night. I don’t know if I remember mentioning it here on the blog. It’s a found footage horror anthology. I think there are six stories plus a framing tale. Like most anthologies, there are some great stories and some bad ones. The first time I watched it, I …

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I am sick, but I am starving and am afraid to eat. Watched the very first episode of the classic Transformers cartoon yesterday. Last year, I watched every episode of G.I. Joe. I hadn’t seen any of this stuff since I was a kid. G.I. Joe holds up pretty well. It’s certainly got its goofy …

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Movies? I seen ’em. 4/19 Witchfinder General. Apparently, it looks like Netflix is getting rid of all Vincent Price movies on May 1st, so I’m watching the ones in my queue, I guess. Like this one. Which was okay. Loosely (very, very, very loosely – like gangbang pornstar loose) based on a true story of …

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76a. Eleven

Bonus sketch. For Brian and Kurt. Shut up. Love you.

68. Silver Surfer

My computer is now into day 3 of running a chkdsk. So, no scanner. Camera phone to the mediocre rescue once again!

67. Cappy 'Merka

4/7/13 Scarecrows. Weird, but not in a bad way horror movie about a group of thieves who are stalked and killed by undead scarecrows.