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Silver Surfer

When Julia Gardner was cast as Silver Surfer in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, I saw a lot of folks immediately post fan-art of her in the role. Most of them gave her hair. So I jumped on board the trend and did my, but without hair. Just because she’s a girl Silver Surfer doesn’t …

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Silver Surfer

Happy Blackest of Fridays

Buscema’s Silver Surfer

A few years ago, I digitally inked and colored a John Buscema Silver Surfer drawing I found online. I posted it as a Patreon exclusive. Decided to post it here for posterity. I enjoyed doing this and playing with the raw Buscema of it all, and really fucking it up.


Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Silver Surfer

923 (39)

Black Panther OMAC Silver Surfer Ego, The Living Planet *** So, it’s my birthday. I decided to post the 4 best drawings I did for the 100 Kirbys. 3 of them happen to be Kirby characters I love dearly. You guess which ones. Anyway. Otherwise, it’s just a Friday. I hope I’m drunk. *** To …

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518. Silver Surfer

I redesigned Silver Surfer. He’s an alien. So I made him an alien.

209a. Silver Surfer

A quick and dirty Silver Surfer under the wire to celebrate Jack Kirby’s 98th birthday today, requested by Joe G.

669. Nova

So, I drew this, like, almost a year ago, back in January. It was a weird time. Which brings me to this, oddly. I need a break. With day 669 (my brotha!), Sketch-a-Day 2.0 is ending as I take a short hiatus. I’ve got some projects I need to get a jump on, and I …

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Another character for a thing I think I might start doing something about in 2015. Today I watched The Legend of Hell House. Tense haunted house horror film from the 70s, based on a Richard Matheson novel. I enjoyed it, quite a bit. I also read Silver Surfer #2. It’s quite fun and zany, a …

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