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For 11 years, I have posted something on my birthday. Always art, usually an accompanying text piece about how sad I am. This will be one of those. Maybe it’s a birthday thing, I dunno. But, the suicidal thoughts came back pretty hard last week. A lot has changed in the last year, but so …

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1288. Hawkeye (40)

It’s my 40th birthday. The existential crisis runs deep and sudden. The downward spiral of my life hit some new lows this past year, but I’ve been making an effort to… try? I dunno. Life has beaten me up, but as it says below this paragraph, I’m still here. I’m not taking that beating as …

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192. Wolverine (37)

Today I enter my late 30s. The last four months have been the worst of my life. Happy birthday to me, I guess. Really not much to live for or anything in which to look forward. But I guess I’ll keep pretending otherwise since “it’ll get better” aka the greatest lie everyone has told me …

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