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For 11 years, I have posted something on my birthday. Mostly art, usually an accompanying text piece about how sad I am. This will be one of those. Maybe it’s a birthday thing, I dunno. But, the suicidal thoughts came back pretty hard last week. A lot has changed in the last year, but so …

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912a. War of the Roses

Hey! I’ve been posting artist sketch cards since March. That’s kind of crazy. Well, they stopped today, and tomorrow, of course is the beginning of 100 Kirbys. But before we get to that, I figured I’d post this bonus piece. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now (when I shoulda been drawing …

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558 (38)

Today is my 38th birthday. I am going through my 2nd nervous breakdown in a year, I hate my job, I’m still heartbroken, painfully lonely, I’m broken, broke, and full of rage. My anxiety is turning into agoraphobia. I’ve begun to cut people out of my life and as of this past week I’ve disassociated …

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Visual depiction of my current emotional state, probably.



The lie I tell myself.

192. Wolverine (37)

Today I enter my late 30s. The last four months have been the worst of my life. Happy birthday to me, I guess. Really not much to live for or anything in which to look forward. But I guess I’ll keep pretending otherwise since “it’ll get better” aka the greatest lie everyone has told me …

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The girl of my dreams. She pops up frequently in my brain and begs me to tell her story. I usually quiet her down, but she came back today, roaring. It made me want to at least write the script, as I’ll likely never draw a full comic. But maybe I could find an artist …

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Some days you get sad. Some days you want to put a bullet through your own brain. Guess which today is?


This was drawn on a rough day. Anyhoo. I watched Horns last night. It was enjoyable, especially since I’ve never given two fucks about Harry Potter and had no baggage (other than A Young Doctor’s Notebook) going into this. It’s fairly predictable, a bit cheeseball and a little long, but yeah, fun.