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Prince and the Super Powers Generation (44)

Alright. It’s my birthday. 14 years now I’ve been annually posting sadness. Well, not so much this year. I mean, listen, the world is fucking crumbling around us, and I’m still fucked up and broken, but, y’know, things could be worse for me. In just a few weeks will be the one-year anniversary of meeting …

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I found the original lineart to this Jose Luis Garcia Lopez Justice League online and just decided to absolutely ruin it. Above is the original darker colors I made, below is the lighter, brighter version I’m happier with, and followed by of course, the maestro’s versions. Check out the digital process video on my YouTube …

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1011. The Atom

264. The Atom

Unlike some other silver age characters that were eventually replaced with modern counterparts (Barry Allen, Hal Jordan), I have nothing against the Ray Palmer Atom. In fact, I’d almost say that I’m a fan. Unfortunately, this all stems from the only Ray Palmer Atom series I’ve really read, The Sword of The Atom, which saw …

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Ok, PANIC!: Golden Age Heroes

I love the Justice Society, and I wanted to play around with their costume designs, particularly Green Lantern. His original costume is so… anti-Green Lantern.

The Shadow of Atomic Fear

Two Sabbath references in a row! I like The Atom. I became a fan of Ray Palmer when I found the “Sword of The Atom” series in a second hand store, and enjoyed his appearances in Dan Jurgen’s unfairly maligned “Teen Titans” series. But I’m not such a whiny fuck that when he was replaced …

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