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1423. Starman

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1141. Starman

I recently drew a hipsterfied version of Jack Knight back in DCember, so for JB Sapienza Week, I went for a more classic version of Jack. Not much else to say here other than I loved this Starman series. To a point (when Tony Harris left for good). ***I’m still here. ***My Art Store Commission …

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1056. Starman

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662. Shade

A very disappointing, crap version of this character appeared on The Flash last week. Sigh. My Art Store Commission Info

661. Starman

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613. Starman

Suggested by Joe Grunenwald, Jack Knight as Ted Knight- Modern Day Starman cosplaying as his father, the Golden Age Starman.

257 – Golden Age Starman (2)

Back in March, I posted a redesign of the Golden Age Starman. I was not happy at all with how it turned out, so I decided to give it another shot. I’m definitely happier with the color choices (plus better rendering) and overall line-art for this version. It retains the mad scientist/pilot feel I was …

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041 – Golden Age Starman

A redesign of the Golden Age Starman, based on my previous attempts at G.A. redesigns. But not as successful. I was kind of going for a mix of crazy mad scientist combined with the James Robinson Starman. Eh. Another one for the “retry later” pile.