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By request of Joe Grunenwald. I took this opportunity to try to work on changing my style a little. Didn’t work. Looks like everything else I ever draw.

Howard the Duck

Suggested by Joe Grunenwald.

Morbin’ Time

Joe Grunenwald has been one of my closest friends for a very long time. It’s a relationship that started out oddly. He was just a kid that worked part-time at my comic shop. But I’ve grown to love him like a brother. He’s been here for me in some of the hardest times of my …

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Red Bee vs. Two-Face

In 2016, most likely during an episode of The View Masters, I mentioned to Joe Grunenwald that I could draw Two-Face and any golden age superheroes all day and be content. Within days, I had a script. Within days of that, I had made some changes and drawn the 1st page! Then, nothing. I sat …

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Flash on the Can

I can’t believe I have never posted this on this blog before. My friend Joe G. is the curator of a Flash-themed sketchbook. He takes it to cons, has artists – most of them professional and A-Listers – sketch various Flashes in it. Back in 2006, I believe at the very first Gem City Comic …

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31. Zenith

Gonna be honest: I drew this circa 2012/2013. Joe asked for Zenith, and I thought to myself “I’ve drawn him before. I was cat-sitting at my parents’. I remember this clearly. I looked up modern fashions to find that jacket as reference. Did I not ever post it?” Turns out, I didn’t! I had the …

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29. The Spirit

28. art spiegelman

It’s Joe Grunenwald rounding out the rest of the month.


Requested by Joe Grunenwald, who insisted on an exploitative, cheesecake sketch of the Betty Kane Bat-Girl. Insisted! I mean, it’s X-Mas and all, and he’s a good friend and loyal Patreon supporter. Who am I to deny his weird, pervy requests? But I felt I needed to balance out his sweaty-palmed ask and drew a …

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Six FanArts: Wally West Edition

Decided to do a late-addition Six FanArts Challenge, but all Wally West, dedicated to and inspired by Joe Grunenwald who had done his own Wally West edition. Always Wally.