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283 – Sleepwalker

A non-DC request from Joe Grunenwald! I’m fairly certain he doesn’t remember asking for this! I don’t know a thing about Sleepwalker, I think I read maybe three issues of his book in the early 90s, probably because Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider or The Punisher guest-starred.

239 – Psycho Pirate

A sketch request from Joe Grunenwald, I decided to modify the costume a bit, to make it slightly less goofy. I this version, the mask would never morph into an emotion, the victim would see their own reflection and that would morph into whatever emotion The Pirate would want. *** Also, I am featured on …

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183 – Dick Grayson

And with this, I am at the halfway point of daily drawings and sketches. I’m pretty sure that I will not be continuing to do this after a year, but I definitely feel that I am over the block I felt last year (when Adam Hughes ruined my life). But enough about that, there’s still …

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173 – Ambush Bug

Another request for my League Night co-host, Joe Grunenwald. I’m actually, sadly, really unfamiliar with Ambush Bug, because if there was a character who seemingly should be right down my alley, it’s this one. He’s a funny character who is aware that he’s a comic character, and he was created by Keith Giffen, a writer/artist …

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148 – Bat-Mite

Another request for Joe Grunenwald (who hasn’t updated his blog in almost two months). The only comics I’ve read with Bat-Mite in them are the Evan Dorkin World’s Funnest Bat-Mite/Mxyzptlk team-up/battle, and the Grant Morrison Batman: RIP storyline, which was hilarious. But I do remember him from the old Batman cartoon I used to watch …

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035 – B’wana Beast

Fulfilling a request by my pal Joe G. The only thing I really know about B’wana Beast is from his appearance in Grant Morrison’s Animal Man comic, and appearing on a Batman: Brave and The Bold, the Justice League cartoon (which I Joe and I do a podcast about) and having more action figures than …

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015 – Aztek

Today is my friend Joe Grunenwald’s birthday. I’ve known Joe for over 10 years or so. We worked together briefly at Maverick’s, our local comic shop. He was still in high school, and I was otherwise unemployed, recently fired from my first “career” job out of art school. I always liked Joe, but for whatever …

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Revenge of the Video Dead

So, I spent most of October making a comic…

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