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79. Toyman

68. Sinestro

67. Giganta

Vampire Superman

I’ve been watching Super Friends lately. Usually while doing other things. Episode I saw the other night had the Friends fighting Dracula, who turned people – and eventually Superman – into vampires with his eye lasers. And then Superman created an army of vampires with his eye lasers. And then Batman & Robin cured everyone …

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1407. Cheetah

I decided to go for the Golden Age/Legion of Doom version of Cheetah, rather the blah generic feral cat-monster lady version. Very curious to see how the Kristen Wiig version will look in the Wonder Woman sequel.

539. Lex Luthor

He didn’t request it, but this is for Joe Grunenwald.

370. Gleek


069 – Black Vulcan

Hey, I’ve never read a Black Vulcan comic either! Jesus Christ, Jason Young Fortnight! Oh wait… Black Vulcan doesn’t exist in comics. He was a stand-in for Black Lightning on the various cartoons called the Super Friends. He was, like every other character on the Super Friends, bland and generic. However, I personally prefer to …

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50. Super Fiends

Today is the first day of HorrorHound Weekend! I will be there tonight and for the whole show through Sunday selling prints and doing sketches. I’d already talked about this a little bit and showed a preview of some of the prints that I will have for sale. Today’s drawing is the 4th print I …

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322 – The Wonder Twins

So as I was drawing The Wonder Twins, I began to wonder something: Did John Byrne rip them off to create Aurora and Northstar from Alpha Flight? Both sets are twins who powers only “activate” when they touch hands; both are from strange lands (alien planet & Quebec); both males are homosexual; both have pointy …

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