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Robin Lives!

For sale! One (1) Blank Sketch cover for Batman #428 Facsimile – the Alternate “Robin Lives” Edition. The front cover is a gory homage to Mike Mignola’s classic original cover, featuring Jason Todd in his best form. The back cover is an homage to cartoonist and hetero life-partner Jason Young. Jason sketched the “I’m no …

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Captain Victory

Happy 104th Birthday to the late, great King of Comics, Jack Kirby. Captain Victory was one the rare Kirby creations in which he retained full creative control and ownership. His original 14 issues have yet to be collected. Suggested by my long-lost pal, Jason Young.

Ok, PANIC! 2021

Back in early 2010, I took part in a bi-weekly curated art group called Ok, PANIC! I stuck with it through about mid-2013. It closed up shop in mid-2015. It has been unavailable on the internet for quite a while, but you can take a look at chunks of it via Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. …

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6. Warduke

Despite having now played D’n’D with my friend Bruce & his family for a little over a year (my first experience with it), I still know practically nothing about it. So I have no idea what a Warduke is, but he does look badass. When Jason asked for it, I of course had to ruin …

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5. Fearless Dawn

I love FEARLESS DAWN. It’s fun, bouncy, sexy, unashamed, gorgeous, and it hates Nazis. What’s not to love?

4. Hardware

Milestone Comics has just always remained in my peripheral. Never read a single one. I cannot tell you why. I do think it’s weird that DC tries to bring it back every 10 years or so, and there’s a lot of excited chatter, but it never seems to pan out. Maybe I’m part of that …

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3. Sombra

Sombra from Alexis Ziritt & Dave Baker’s NIGHT HUNTERS comic was hard to draw, because there’s been 1 issue, and he appears – obscured – in only a handful of panels. I made a lot of this figure up. But, robot arms, Cobra Commander mask and one red eye, that’s the gist.

2. Zöe

Jason asked for any member of Michele Fiffe’s brilliant COPRA comic. He had 3 suggestions (all good), but left it up to me. That said, I didn’t even draw my own personal favorite (Guthie). I went with Zöe, because I cannot ever pass up a chance to draw a fucked-up half-face.

1. Blind Justice

Welcome to the random brief return of the Sketch-a-Day. All March long, I have asked my friends for requests. Week One kicks off with my hetero life mate, Jason Young. I’d like to blame the pandemic on why we don’t hang out much, but it’s actually because he gave birth. Anyhoo, Day 1: Blind Justice! …

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This character was requested by Jason Young. Jason asked if I was going to draw his weapon. I said no. So Jason drew his right arm and the weapon. It’s a collaboration. A Collabo-Jason!