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693. Avengelyne

Warrior nun, I think? Part of the slinky-clothed “bad girl” craze. Most of the reference I found (beyond the bendy-spined horse-lady art) were photos of the model Liefeld “based” this character on. Anyway. Nun. Christmas Eve. Whatever. It’s just a painfully long weekend to me. My Art Store Commission Info

692. Core

I actually read The Infinite, but didn’t remember this guy at all, and could only find the lowest resolution thumbnail of what this character looked like. Not even really sure if this is it. My Art Store Commission Info

691. Wildside

The thing about theme months is sometimes you get bored. My Art Store Commission Info

690. Photon

690. Photon

Dunno anything about this guy, but it’s a neat look. My Art Store Commission Info

689. Knight Sabre

This guy is the epitome of douchebag comic characters, and I have never read a comic with him in it, or even heard of him before drawing this. My Art Store Commission Info

688. Fourarm

This guy is just dumb. But he had an action figure. My Art Store Commission Info

687. Genocide

A pretty tame looking Liefeld villain, especially for one named “Genocide”. My Art Store Commission Info

686. Stryfe

As a young teenager, to me, the look of Stryfe was equally ridiculous and awesome. As an old “adult”, it still is. But back then, the reveal that he looked like Cable (spoilers!) blew my mind. It’s funny to think, Liefeld left X-Force so early on, and he would set up these plot threads that …

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685. Prophet

I went with “classic” Prophet here (though I tried a weird), although I’ve only read the Brandon Graham reboot. Which I hated. Immensely. I think there’s a Gutter Trash episode where I talk about it. Still, props to Rob for letting creators go nuts with his characters like that. My Art Store Commission Info

684. Khrome

What a dumb mame. My Art Store Commission Info