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59. Spectrum

20. Genis-Vell

Genis-Vell is Captain Mar-Vell’s son, and at one point has been a Captain Marvel and a Legacy, as well as Photon. I went with the Captain Marvel version. Oh! And a bonus Legacy version! Because I can’t pass up a 90s nostalgia trip complete with baggy clothes, leather jacket, ponytail and headsock! Jorell is one …

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15. Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau style! Star of WandaVision! Y’know, that show really messed me up. Before it, I’d have pronounced her name “ram-BO”, really made a frenchy kinda thing out of it. Hearing it as “RAM-bo”… boy. I did not care for that. Was it like that in the Captain Marvel movie?

690. Photon

Dunno anything about this guy, but it’s a neat look.

276 – Captain Marvel

The other Captain Marvel, aka Monica Rambeau, whom I know better as the team leader from NextWave, quite possibly one of the best comics Marvel has produced in 10 years. So of course it got cancelled.