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The Captain

Drew this some time ago and never posted it anywhere but on bluesky. Listen, he’ll always be Captain Marvel to me, but I am 95% on board with him being called “The Captain” or “Captain” in the current Shazam comic.

Patreon Reward: Mary Marvel

I’ve enjoyed what I read of New Champion of Shazam (stupid almost dying made me fall behind on comics). I really like her new costume. In fact, anything “Shazam!” related that moves as far out of Geoff John’s grip as humanly possible, I’m on board for. I still will never accept that they aren’t The …

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78. Mr. Mind

59. Spectrum

44. Binary

20. Genis-Vell

Genis-Vell is Captain Mar-Vell’s son, and at one point has been a Captain Marvel and a Legacy, as well as Photon. I went with the Captain Marvel version. Oh! And a bonus Legacy version! Because I can’t pass up a 90s nostalgia trip complete with baggy clothes, leather jacket, ponytail and headsock! Jorell is one …

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19. Captain Marvel

Carol. Everyone knows Carol.

18. Martyr

Phyla-Vell is Captain Mar-Vell’s daughter, and at one point has been a Captain Marvel and a Quasar, as well as Martyr. I went with the Martyr version because skulls.

17. Captain Marvel

When Captain Marvel (Marv-Vell) returned during the Marvel Civil War series, it was eventually revealed that he was a Skrull named Khn’nr. Comics!

16. Marvel Boy

I loved Grant Morrison’s Marvel Boy series, but I have not paid any attention to Noh-Varr’s character since. According to Jorell, Noh-Varr was Norman Osborne’s Dark Avengers Captain Marvel, and that makes him count as a Captain Marvel. I agree!