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15. Wiccan

I’ll be honest, I totally forgot Wiccan (and Hulkling) were a thing. I read the original run of Young Avengers back in the day and loved it, but yeah… Also totally forgot that Wiccan was one of Scarlet Witch’s fake sons. Ah well.

59. Spectrum

35. Scarlet Witch

15. Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau style! Star of WandaVision! Y’know, that show really messed me up. Before it, I’d have pronounced her name “ram-BO”, really made a frenchy kinda thing out of it. Hearing it as “RAM-bo”… boy. I did not care for that. Was it like that in the Captain Marvel movie?

The Vision

Recently read a good chunk of John Byrne’s run of West Coast Avengers and decided to draw his bleached redesign of the character, made famous in the 4-player Avengers arcade game (he was the best character).

Master Pandemonium