NSFW: Batwoman and Velma

Not Safe For Work. You have been warned. Digital commission.

28. Hulkling

I got… nothin’.

27. The Ray

He’s called The Ray, and his name is Ray! Can’t remember when he was re-introduced into the current DC continuity – if it was before or after his appearances in the CW shows – but he’s the perfect kind of character to retcon in almost any way. Beloved by some, I’m sure, but still obscure, …

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26. Shining Knight

Sir Ystin/Ystina was introduced by Grant Morrison in the Seven Soldiers series, but I recall that being more she was presented as a girl who disguised herself as a male in order to fight as a Knight, before being tossed through time. However, in the New 52 universe, Ystina was characterized as a biological female …

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25. Flash

Always Wally, except sometimes not, but Never Barry. In that “sometimes not” section we have Jess Chambers, a Flash from an alternate Earth. They showed up in the Future State event, but possibly elsewhere? I read their story from the 2021 DC Pride book and enjoyed it quite a bit, and I really like their …

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24. Loki

Fuck America. Fuck this garbage, fascist, third world country. Listen, the 15-20% of me that wavers from hetero can totally recognize that Tom Hiddleston is absolutely sexy. I. Get. It. I love him in the movies, and the Loki show was fantastic. But, I cannot reconcile smokeshow movie Loki to comic Loki. Loki in the …

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23. Obsidian

A companion to yesterday’s sketch, Obsidian – Todd Rice – is Alan Scott’s son. A member of Infinity Inc. and occasionally the Justice Society. I guess he was outed while being a supporting character in the Kate Spencer Manhunter series (much missed, RIP), but until I just now read the wikipedia entry, I’d have sworn …

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22. Green Lantern

So, to counter yesterday’s piece, here’s Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. He’s a character I have a deep fondness for who has been presented as hetero for nearly 70-80 years. The character was outed last year during… something. I think it was an event book or something. Prior to this, an alternate Earth …

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21. Iceman

Whoof. Ok. Warning: I am about to get as close to narrow-minded straight dude comicsgator-y as I can get, and I apologize. I don’t accept Iceman as gay. Moreso, I don’t accept the circumstances or the story in which he is outed. I understand the narrative of closested person finally coming to grips with who …

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20. Flatman

The Great Lakes Avengers are a team I have a very soft spot for. They popped up in the late 80s as I somehow stumbled into reading West Coast Avengers at the time when Wanda/Scarlet Witch first went batshit and when Vision became bleached white Vision, which is a storyline that has basically influenced the …

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