Tag: Great Lakes Avengers

20. Flatman

The Great Lakes Avengers are a team I have a very soft spot for. They popped up in the late 80s as I somehow stumbled into reading West Coast Avengers at the time when Wanda/Scarlet Witch first went batshit and when Vision became bleached white Vision, which is a storyline that has basically influenced the …

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41. Squirrel Girl

282 – Flatman

Back in the early 90s, John Byrne did a run on West Coast Avengers (Avengers West Coast?) that I absolutely loved, and part of his run was the introduction of The Great Lakes Avengers, a ridiculous team of Midwestern Superheroes who actually turned out to be pretty competent and powerful. Hawkeye and Mockingbird both left …

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I’ve always liked Hawkeye. And Green Arrow, for that matter. I just dig superheroes with bow and arrows. It’s like Batman is just a guy hanging out with demi-gods, but he has all these toys, tools and gimmicks and to back him up. The Archers just have bows and arrows, and hang out in the …

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