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Heroes in Crisis

Commission! Still do ’em. Pay in money. Or muscle magazines from the 80s. Or tickets to comedy shows. But mostly money, please. Was asked to do a re-creation of the cover for Formerly Known as the Justice League #1 (below) by Kevin Maguire. But with Wally West in his “Rebirth” costume, surrounded by his murder …

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Commission. Always available for ’em. My first time drawing Hobo-Ninja DD. Interesting. It’s no black armor, though.


Con sketch

NSFW: Batwoman and Velma

Not Safe For Work. You have been warned. Digital commission.

Attack on Titan

Commission. Commissions are always open.

Spit Gemz (Feat. Dus) – Nemesis Enforcer

Was contacted some time ago by a producer to use a piece of art I made for a hip-hop artist named Spit Gemz. He had a track coming out called Nemesis Enforcer, and they had discovered a sketch from when I did G.I. Joevember. They wanted to know if I could replace the original face …

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Rainbow Brite

Commission. Client got a an ink drawing on paper and a hi-res color print.


Recently completed digital commission of Alastor from a one-episode cartoon called Hazbin Hotel. The show is definitely not meant for me, but Alastor, the Radio Demon, is a standout. Anyhoo, I apparently do digital commissions now. Contact me for deets!

Bonus: New Wave Endless

Commission of The Endless family as New-Wave artist-inspired rockers. I nearly whiffed this one, and I deeply apologize to the commissioner for taking so long with it. However, Neil Gaiman himself retweeted this, and I couldn’t be more mortified. Just in case: Desire – 80s Bowie Despair – Devo Delirium – Cyndi Lauper Dream – …

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Legion of Super-Heroes vs. The Dark Judges

11×17 commission. Contact me for yours!