Spit Gemz (Feat. Dus) – Nemesis Enforcer

Was contacted some time ago by a producer to use a piece of art I made for a hip-hop artist named Spit Gemz. He had a track coming out called Nemesis Enforcer, and they had discovered a sketch from when I did G.I. Joevember. They wanted to know if I could replace the original face with Spit Gemz’. I told them I’d be willing to redraw it so it would look okay (also, was never terribly happy with the original as is), and add any text if they wanted. For some reason they agreed! We sure fooled them all…

The above is the art they used, the text-less version and an alternate layout, just in case.

The track is now available, I’m guessing wherever people get music? I wouldn’t know. With the exception of the Kid Cosmic soundtrack I bought last year, the last time I bought new music was 2004.

If you want art for your band or solo artist’s track or album, please feel free to email me! I’m totally in touch with what the kids like these days.

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