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Patreon Reward: Emerald Empress

2nd sexiest comic character with a giant floating eyeball pet.

Patreon Reward: Phantom Girl

This reminds me that I’ve been (possibly stupidly) thinking about redoing all my old Legion of Super-Hero Sketch-a-Day Theme Month sketches from over a decade ago.

Shadow Lass

I like boobs.

Patreon Catcall – Gladiator

Of all the Marvel Superman analogues, Gladiator is my favorite. Instead of the sun, he’s powered by his own ego. It’s great. Plus, if it’s a Dave Cockrum design, I’m on board and I wanna draw it.

Patreon Reward: Superman

The Son of Kal-El, a Patron reward. Let me be your monthly sketch man. For money. Link below.

Satan Girl

81. Emerald Empress

76. Timber Wolf

Requested by my go-to Legion guy, Jim Purcell.

Legion of Super-Heroes vs. The Dark Judges

11×17 commission. Contact me for yours!

1324. Kid Quantum