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Patreon Reward: Nemesis the Warlock

This may have been the hardest character I’ve ever had to draw. I started like 8 versions of this. I looked up SO MUCH reference, despite being fairly familiar with this Kevin O’Neill character. I still don’t think I did it justice.

Patreon Reward: Shakara

These hips don’t lie, the British have a real specific take on dystopian futures. Also, I have no idea how I drew this, but whatever I did was fun and I like how it turned out.

31. Zenith

Gonna be honest: I drew this circa 2012/2013. Joe asked for Zenith, and I thought to myself “I’ve drawn him before. I was cat-sitting at my parents’. I remember this clearly. I looked up modern fashions to find that jacket as reference. Did I not ever post it?” Turns out, I didn’t! I had the …

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Legion of Super-Heroes vs. The Dark Judges

11×17 commission. Contact me for yours!

1340. Chief Judge Barbara Hershey

I try to work well in advance, so it is merely a sad coincidence that today’s sketch is a supporting character from Judge Dredd comics. Yesterday, Dredd’s co-creator and original artistic voice – Carlos Ezquerra – passed away. While Ezquerra had no hand in creating Judge Hershey directly, without his designs and vision, there would …

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898. Judge Dredd

511. Judge Death

I may not be at Heroes Con, but I’ll keep doing sketch covers, to prep for the next Con, whenever or whatever that might be. So. Never drawn Judge Death before. I liked it. I will do this again.

497. Judge Dredd

I am the law and I’ll be at HEROES CON in Charlotte, NC on June 17-19, TABLE AA-2117. Come say hi. This cover & others, prints, sketchbooks, sketches, maybe comics – all for sale at the show.

362. Judge Dredd

Drawn completely without reference and with only hazy memory.

Ok, PANIC!: Judge Dredd