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Patreon Reward: Batman Beyond

Just a reminder that I have a patreon and you too can get cool things like this if you support it!

1155. Mara Jade

Con sketch. Ok. So. A Star War, I guess? I seriously do not know.

1154. Zuko

Con sketch. I guess this is a character from Avatar, the Last Airbender? The cartoon, not the live action, as was very very specifically ordered.

1153. Black Panther

Con sketch.

912. Scarecrow

And that’s all. The last of the sketch cards. Tomorrow: 100 Kirbys!

911. Mr. Fixit & Havok

Never forget.

910. Groot & Iron Man

909. The Flash & Wonder Woman

Always Wally. This card actually led to a small bit of awkwardness. Kid requested The Flash, I said cool. I would have drawn Wally West, as I always (Always Wally) do. He then specifically said “Wally West”. I said ok, awesome. But then I stopped. I would argue that the majority of folks, especially those …

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908. Daryl Dixon & Spike

I hate likenesses, but thought I managed to capture some of these characters.

907. Hulk & Solomon Grundy