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1261. Hulk

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Captain Victory Crazy Quilt Hulk *** I had no idea Jack Kirby created Crazy Quilt, but I think that’s awesome. I will always think of my pal Joe G. when I think of Crazy Quilt. It’s his favorite character, no matter how much he argues or says “The Flash”. *** To reserve a Kirby sketch …

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911. Mr. Fixit & Havok

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907. Hulk & Solomon Grundy

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709. She-Hulk

A few weeks ago, Marvel’s new Hulk #1 came out. It features Jen Walters, sans “She-“. It’s supposed to be about her being a more “traditional” Hulk, rampaging & the whatnot. I wouldn’t know, because nothing happens in the first issue. Well, a lot of tonal whiplash happens. But nothing else, story or plot-wise, with …

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462. Hulk

TODAY’S THE DAY: Free Comic Book Day at MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS! I’ll be there from 10am – 2pm drawing sketches for free and giving away all the sketches I’ve done over the last two weeks. I hope I see someone there. This promotion stuff ends today… until the next thing I need to promote.

400. Hulk

Heavy reference Lou variant. The old Hulk tv show has been on the Me TV channel lately. Haven’t watched a full episode yet, but it brings a tug of nostalgia upon me.

271. Hulkenstein

Shiloh – Horror/Hero Mashup Week continues. I have iffy feelings about the Hulk, but I do kinda love drawing him sometimes. For Hulkenstein, I just thought about Hulk with stitches and electrodes, but whenever I’ve drawn The Frankenstein Monster, I usually like to make him a lot more patchwork quiltified than he’s usually shown. So, …

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067 – Concrete

Jason, of Jason Young Fortnight fame, forced me to read a Concrete comic a few years ago, and I loved it. I then went out and bought a couple of the trades. Haven’t read ’em! I’m awful. I loved drawing this, though. This is also the second time Jason has requested Concrete from me. I’m …

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