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The Leader

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***I’m still here. ***My Art Store My Patreon Page Commission Info

1465. Xemnu

Back before Marvel Comics became what we know today, they published a lot of monster and sci-fi comics. One of those had a monster called The Hulk. This was he. Eventually they made another character named The Hulk, and so when someone decided to use this character, they called him Xemnu. Neil Soblieski doesn’t exist …

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1261. Hulk

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Captain Victory Crazy Quilt Hulk *** I had no idea Jack Kirby created Crazy Quilt, but I think that’s awesome. I will always think of my pal Joe G. when I think of Crazy Quilt. It’s his favorite character, no matter how much he argues or says “The Flash”. *** To reserve a Kirby sketch …

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911. Mr. Fixit & Havok

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907. Hulk & Solomon Grundy

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709. She-Hulk

A few weeks ago, Marvel’s new Hulk #1 came out. It features Jen Walters, sans “She-“. It’s supposed to be about her being a more “traditional” Hulk, rampaging & the whatnot. I wouldn’t know, because nothing happens in the first issue. Well, a lot of tonal whiplash happens. But nothing else, story or plot-wise, with …

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462. Hulk

TODAY’S THE DAY: Free Comic Book Day at MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS! I’ll be there from 10am – 2pm drawing sketches for free and giving away all the sketches I’ve done over the last two weeks. I hope I see someone there. This promotion stuff ends today… until the next thing I need to promote.

400. Hulk

Heavy reference Lou variant. The old Hulk tv show has been on the Me TV channel lately. Haven’t watched a full episode yet, but it brings a tug of nostalgia upon me.