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Patreon Catsup – She-Hulk

I enjoyed the Disney+ She-Hulk show. It was fun. The ending was an absolute delight. I’ve pretty much always been a fan of the character too. Always a pleasure to attempt to draw.

57. Titania

33. She-Hulk

709. She-Hulk

A few weeks ago, Marvel’s new Hulk #1 came out. It features Jen Walters, sans “She-“. It’s supposed to be about her being a more “traditional” Hulk, rampaging & the whatnot. I wouldn’t know, because nothing happens in the first issue. Well, a lot of tonal whiplash happens. But nothing else, story or plot-wise, with …

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514. She-Hulk

I have nothing to say about this.

209 – She-Hulk