709. She-Hulk

A few weeks ago, Marvel’s new Hulk #1 came out. It features Jen Walters, sans “She-“. It’s supposed to be about her being a more “traditional” Hulk, rampaging & the whatnot. I wouldn’t know, because nothing happens in the first issue. Well, a lot of tonal whiplash happens. But nothing else, story or plot-wise, with a poor representation of character or drama. I won’t be picking up a second issue. Truly disappointing. There’s a lot of potential in the setup, but nothing to hang my hat on.

So that said, I did something a little different with this sketch.

Below is a link to a video I put together of the process of creating this sketch. I think this is something I’m gonna do once in a while. I enjoyed doing this and putting this together. I hope you enjoy watching it. Marvel at 2 hours of work compressed to 6 minutes!

Watch the video here!

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    • Jeff on January 9, 2017 at 9:32 am

    Fantastic, as always! I’m surprised how small the paper is that you used. Since your images always command the space they occupy and because of the detailing, I assumed you always worked 11×14 or larger. I hope you’ll continue to do these videos since, to repeat myself, this was fantastic.

  1. Thanks, Jeff! The paper I use varies. This one is 5.5 x 8.5, I learn toward 9×12 usually. In fact, I stood in an aisle the other day for 30 minutes debating whether I wanted to purchase a pad of 11×14 or not (I chose not to). Every rare once in a while, I’ll do an 11×17 piece. But as always, I am honored and humbled when you compliment my work, thank you.

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