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Electric Superman

Suggested by a Patron, I drew Electric Superman for another process video that you can find here. Like & subscribe, join my patreon, buy my old work, and commission new ones. Seriously. Links below.


We made these in class last night. I don’t remember what the project was called. My student did an awesome job on his, but, y’know, I gotta show him up.

709. She-Hulk

A few weeks ago, Marvel’s new Hulk #1 came out. It features Jen Walters, sans “She-“. It’s supposed to be about her being a more “traditional” Hulk, rampaging & the whatnot. I wouldn’t know, because nothing happens in the first issue. Well, a lot of tonal whiplash happens. But nothing else, story or plot-wise, with …

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687. Genocide

A pretty tame looking Liefeld villain, especially for one named “Genocide”.

476. Harley Quinn

So it can finally be told, I will be at HEROES CON in Charlotte, NC on June 17-19. If you’re going, make sure to stop by my table (which, as soon as I know, I’ll tell ya). I’ll be selling prints and my sketchbook, SAD MONSTER. I will also be doing sketches at the show, …

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474. Kitty Pryde

Hey Eric, didn’t you just draw Kitty Pryde as part of your massive and exhaustive/exhausting Free Comic Book Day sketch giveaway? Sure did, thanks for asking. But if you recall, I hated that sketch and I feel bad for the young woman who requested it, because I feel like she got the worst drawing from …

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340a. Dog

Did this last night for a thing. Didn’t turn out as I hoped, but figured I’d share anyway. Wanted to make a Kirby dog.

302. Batman

Default mode.


I’m not sure what this is exactly, just doodled around with some crayons and crayola markers.

127. Fantomah

I wanted to draw a lady character last night, and I also wanted to draw a Golden Age character as well. Ta-dah! The very first female superhero. Read more about her here.