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1329. Baron Zemo

I was flipping through some old comics and found a two-page spread advertisement for Rob Liefeld’s CAPTAN AMERICA. There was an image of his version of Zemo in it, and I felt compelled to draw it in all its weird Grimace-y glory.

1293. Glory

Jason Young requested Glory for the Liefeld day. I went for the Sophie Campbell version here, since the regular version is pretty generic, and Sophie’s is full of personality and style.

700. Shaft

…aaaaaand done. Rob Liefeld Month comes to an end, Jason Young Month also comes to an end, as does the year 2016. You know I always love an archer, but what little OCD I have insists that they have strings on their bows. Sorry for going off-model. So this was fun, and a little weird. …

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699. Combat

I can’t tell you why, but this is my favorite drawing I did for Rob Liefeld Month. Seriously. Something about this. Even as I stared at it, trying to convince myself to add more detail, and forcing myself not to, I really like how this turned out.

698. Seahawk

Batman of the sea.

697. Vogue

696. Duel

695. Sentinel

694. Cable

Merry Christmas, it’s the Mutant Messiah hisself. This is the drawing that started Rob Liefeld Month. I drew this for Jason Young’s birthday back in early 2014. I just finished coloring this two days ago. So. Not bad for 2.5 years of work, right?

693. Avengelyne

Warrior nun, I think? Part of the slinky-clothed “bad girl” craze. Most of the reference I found (beyond the bendy-spined horse-lady art) were photos of the model Liefeld “based” this character on. Anyway. Nun. Christmas Eve. Whatever. It’s just a painfully long weekend to me.